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Chokeberry candied fruits (100g)

Chokeberry fruit and juice contain vitamin P and are used to treat asthenia, anemia, initial stages of hypovitaminosis and atherosclerosis due to blood pressure lowering qualities and to strengthen the body. Chokeberry is ordained to thyrotoxicosis patients; the juice expands blood vessels, lowers arterial blood pressure on I and II stages of hypertension disease, improves strength of vessel walls and lowers their permeability.

Ingredients: chokeberries, _________

Energy: ____kj / ___kcal.

100g product contains:

  • proteins __g,
  • carbohydrates __g (glucose __g, fructose __g, saccharose __g),
  • polyol __g,
  • starch __g,
  • fat __g,
  • cellulose __g,
  • sodium __g.
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